Bourbon 17
Bourbon 17
Bourbon 17

Bourbon 17

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FASTER, MORE STABLE. A lean, mean, touring machine, the Bourbon 17 truly unique. A very fast grand touring kayak with the aggressive appearance of an adventure racing craft – and the performance to match. Using highly advanced hydrodynamic design technology, and made in 3-layer ultra-tough HDPE, the Bourbon 17 has striking stability, manoeuvrability, and speed.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Excellent even on lakes and rivers

I have this kayak for over 1 year now.

The Point 65 Bourbon 17 kayak, originally designed as a sea kayak, proves to be an exceptional choice for not only ocean adventures but also for lakes and rivers. Its versatility and outstanding performance across various water environments set it apart from the competition.

The kayak's design, initially intended for sea exploration, translates seamlessly to other bodies of water. When taken to lakes, the Bourbon 17 exhibits excellent stability, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride even in calm or choppy conditions. Its hull design and length provide optimal tracking, allowing for efficient paddling and precise maneuverability.

What truly sets the Bourbon 17 apart is its ability to handle rivers with ease. Despite not being specifically designed for river navigation, this kayak adapts exceptionally well. Its responsiveness and maneuverability shine as you navigate through swift currents and around obstacles. The kayak maintains its stability, providing a sense of confidence and control in challenging river environments.

The build quality of the Point 65 Bourbon 17 is also commendable. Crafted with durable materials, it withstands the rigors of any water conditions, including potential impacts from rocks and debris. The seating system offers excellent comfort, ensuring you can spend extended periods on the water without discomfort or fatigue.

While the Bourbon 17's roots lie in sea kayaking, its versatility extends its capabilities beyond the open ocean. Whether you're planning an adventurous sea voyage, a serene lake exploration, or an exciting river excursion, this kayak proves to be a reliable and high-performing companion.

In summary, the Point 65 Bourbon 17 kayak's original design as a sea kayak translates beautifully to lakes and rivers. Its exceptional stability, maneuverability, and durability make it a versatile choice for any water enthusiast. Whether you're a seasoned paddler or a beginner looking to explore various water environments, the Bourbon 17 delivers an outstanding performance that exceeds expectations.


Bourbon 17

Deke Miller
Awesome fitness boat

I have had a Bourbon now for about 1 and 1/2 years. I have paddled surf ski's and a number of race boats and this looked like a less fragile fitness boat. It has a plumb bow like most of the boats in this class so has similar lines to my other fitness boats.

I first used it as a general purpose sea kayak for longer weekend day trips. Works just fine for that. I had had it in 3 foot seas and had no issue even when taking on larger beam waves (actually that was a bit of surprise as fast boats are notoriously tippy when taking waves from the side). I still use it for that on occasions.

The hull looks super fast from the pictures but the "rake" of the bow (how fast it "flairs" out) is quicker/steeper than most boats meant for speed. This does take enough away from the speed that while still plenty fast, it won't be the leader in a race. However, the hull design is actually pretty genius. For a little loss of speed, it has a huge gain in stability. Typically boats in this class are a handful particularly in very lumpy water but this boat seems remarkably composed.

The cockpit is big enough to pull my legs out to use my legs to "drive" when I want to paddle fast but small enough to easily be able to tuck under in rough conditions and to roll. I have rolled this boat on numerous occasions. Also the shape of the top deck allows for me to place my paddle in pretty close to the boat (while this boat works well with any type of paddle, I generally use a Wing paddle).

I love the in-line rudder on this boat. And I love the handling of this boat. It edges much better than I would have expected for a fitness boat. That being said, the one thing I would fix is having a rudder lock-out. In mild conditions, the boats handles so well I don't need and even want a rudder but there is no way to lock it off. Also there is an extension piece to the rudder that I tried and while it definitely made a difference, I never felt the boat really needed it so I took it off. But you can't put it on without going ashore. So my tweak would be to use rudder mechanism from the Mercury where the in-line rudder has an extension piece that can be lowered at will and when fully retracted, locks off the rudder.

The only other downside is it is a bit on the heavy side. However, that is because it is 3-layer plastic which has the stiffness of fiberglass with the durability of plastic so it is a downside I am more than happy to live with. Its no heavier than some of my hardcore composite surf kayaks so I am used to this and have appropriate methods for transportation.

And I love, LOVE the compass placement and the drink holder placement. The front fairing took a little getting used to at first but in the end, I now think it is an awesome idea. In the winter when rubber hatches are difficult to work with, the neoprene hatch cover under the front fairing is so easy on the hands. The fairing also shields the compass during nasty weather and keeps my bottle on the front from creating drag. And on top of all that, it is sexy as hell.

So in the end, even though I have a very large fleet of kayaks, this one actually gets the most use as it is my primary weekday solo exercise paddle boat. So particularly if you want a boat that is a great fitness kayak, has no problem doubling as a sea kayak, and it built to take beating, this is only one I have ever seen that hits that particular mark.

Phil Kayaker
Sporty spirit and phenomenal stability

A very interesting and controversial boat. First impressions are very contradictory. The kayak steers well in motion. When stopped, behaves like a slalom boat, turns around. But over time you get used to it and it ceases to be a problem. The excellent speed of the kayak is provided by the hydrodynamics of the hull and a very convenient and well-thought-out arrangement of the upper part of the deck. The narrowed body allows you to paddle like in a racing boat. The spirit of sport often arises during paddling. I have the Nelo Vanquish II, Nelo Quattro L in the past and Bourbone has something of a sport boat. At the same time, the kayak is incredibly stable. Having a Tempest 170 kayak, which is similar in size to the Bourbone, I find it less stable. A recent test on Ladoga in waves and headwinds showed good resistance of the kayak to roll, turn and sinking between waves. The only thing I didn’t like was how the kayak behaves with the passing side waves. It becomes very difficult to keep the course. Now I ride Bourbone all the time and I like it more and more. I recommend the boat for experienced kayakers. The boat is really interesting.