Bourbon 17
Bourbon 17
Bourbon 17

Bourbon 17

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FASTER, MORE STABLE. A lean, mean, touring machine, the Bourbon 17 truly unique. A very fast grand touring kayak with the aggressive appearance of an adventure racing craft – and the performance to match. Using highly advanced hydrodynamic design technology, and made in 3-layer ultra-tough HDPE, the Bourbon 17 has striking stability, manoeuvrability, and speed.

 Length 520cm/17'
Width 55cm / 21.7''
Height 38cm/15''




Cockpit 83x46cm/33x18''
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  • Front: 17.6x10.4''/44x26cm waterproof hatch.
  • Back: 17.6x10.4''/44x26cm waterproof hatch.
  • Mid: 20x20cm/7.9x7.9'' waterproof day-hatch.
  • Designed for speed and stability.
  • SprayShield™️.
  • Flush keel rudder.
  • Ergonomic seat.
  • AIR-Backrest™️.
  • Touch and light 3-Layer 3-Layer MatriX HDPE.

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Touring made faster
Designed for


The Bourbon 17 is designed with a highly sophisticated flat hull that features sharp angles, enhancing its ability to edge effectively. Its elongated shape provides exceptional grip, ensuring ultimate stability on any course. Each side of the kayak forms a distinct V-shaped hull; this design lifts the front and rear out of the water when edging, facilitating effortless manoeuvrability and precise control.

Ultra Efficient

Integrated Rudder

The Bourbon 17 features an integrated keel rudder that diverges from traditional rudders, which often act as brakes due to drag, especially when angled to counteract side winds over prolonged periods. This innovative rudder efficiently channels water along its contours, allowing for effective steering without drag. Consequently, paddling long distances, even while compensating for side winds with the rudder, becomes effortlessly manageable.


Unique to the Bourbon 17 is the spray cover on the bow, accentuating its ultra-sleek look while protecting the compass recess where a gps can also be placed.

The Bourbon 17 comes fully equipped featuring a large aft oval hatch, an easily accessible 20cm day hatch, and a huge storage compartment at the front. Ample room for an overnight stay, a weekend adventure or a month+ long expedition. Your heaviest gear will barely slow it down- this is an ideal expedition kayak. 


Performance Kayaking

Great primary and secondary stability offers beginners and expedition paddlers alike a fast ride, even in the most challenging conditions. 



Our MatriX™️ high-density polyethylene (HDPE) is ideal for kayak construction due to its combination of durability, flexibility, and lightweight properties. It withstands impacts and maintains integrity even under varying temperatures and chemical exposures, crucial for the demanding conditions faced by kayaks. Additionally, HDPE is moldable and recyclable, enhancing manufacturing efficiency and aligning with environmental sustainability. Its light weight makes kayaks easier to handle and transport, while its flexibility allows for the absorption of impacts without structural compromise, ensuring both performance and longevity.

Complete Control


The cockpit is long and wide for achieving powerful strokes through optimal legroom as well as increased comfort during entry and exit.

The Bourbon 17 features the super-comfy AIR-Backrest™️ and an ergonomically designed seat equipped with a soft, quick-dry seat pad. Adjustable Rudder pedals as well a bottle holder, integrated thigh braces, and a large easy-to-reach day-hatch are also standard.