Boblbee Hardshell Backpacks Become Point 65 Sweden - World's Number One Spine And Gear Protective Backpacks

It's official - Boblbee has become part of Point 65 Sweden!

The world-renowned spine and gear protection product line has been re-launched under the Point 65 Sweden brand. Don't worry, the beloved Boblbee brand will live on in the new product names of our hard-shell backpack and bag range.

Our new product names are:

  • Megalopolis Executive is now Point 65 Boblbee GT 25L
  • Megalopolis Aero is now Point 65 Boblbee GTO 25L
  • Peoples Delite Executive is now Point 65 Boblbee GT 20L
  • Peoples Delite Aero is now Point 65 Boblbee GTO 20L
  • M180 Vortex is now Point 65 Boblbee Vortex 14L
  • SAM Cam is now Point 65 Boblbee Cam 5L
  • Aeron is now Point 65 Boblbee Mini
  • Aniara is now Point 65 Boblbee Nano
  • W17 Hardtop is now Point 65 Boblbee W17 Hardtop
  • W13 Hardtop is now Point 65 Boblbee W13 Hardtop
Over the coming months and years Point 65 Sweden will introduce a number of exciting improvements on the existing bags as well as launch completely new products.  Boblbee’s current distribution network is being integrated with Point 65’s, making the products globally available.

Point 65 Sweden welcomes all new and former Boblbee customers and will honor warranty claims as well as answer any questions regarding old Boblbee products.

Please check our dealer link for a shop near you & stay tuned to for updates!

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